Oxballs Humpballs Black Cock Ring


Oxballs Humpballs Black

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The amazing Oxballs Humpballs cockring is a thicker fleshier cockring that’s designed to stay in place while you play.

This ruby coloured ring is ultra comfortable and allows you to extend pleasure for as long as you like for an incredible experience every time.

This cockring is made from SKINFLEX-TPR a material that’s ultra stretchy and more durable than your regular rings.

It measures 12.7cm in outside circumference with an inner circumference of 6.35cm. Humpballs can easily be stacked for maximum impact.

You can stack them on your balls for a perfect tug pull and swing or on your shaft for a firmer erection that lasts longer. This cockring is easily cleaned and will outlast your cheaper jelly rings.

It’s easily cleaned with simple soap and water and can be used with a water based lubricant. This black cockring allows you to personalise your experience every time.

Wear one or wear them all to really tailor your pleasure. This fleshy cockring is also available in clear and ruby.


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