LELO Luna Beads Noir


WEIGHT 0.213
SKU N8702
SIZE IMPERIAL 1.1″ diameter
SIZE METRIC 29mm diameter
POWER None Required
ALT POWER None Required
BARCODE 7350022277694
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LUNA Beads Noir will deliver irresistible pleasure during foreplay and beyond…….

Perfect for wearing internally on a night with your partner, these balls will respond to all movements with subtle vibrations, building anticipation for the pleasures to come.

More than delivering subtle pleasure, they also strengthen your pelvic floor giving you the potential to have more powerful and regular orgasms in the future.

These beads have a diameter of 29mm for a comfortable and perfect fit for everyone, and can be worn one or two at a time with the inclusion of a soft silicone harness that allows you to choose your own unique pleasure.

Comes with a full 1-Year LELO Warranty

**Products are only under warranty if you keep the card and/or number for your LELO product**


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